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                           THE LATIN RASCALS
            Producers/DJs/Edit Masters
          Albert Cabrera and Tony Moran 
(collectively known as the Latin Rascals)
got their start as movers and shakers on the
budding early'80s New York City club scene,
hosting an influential continuous-mix show
on local danceradio.
The duo went on to become the most
in-demand editing and remixing teams in the
record business.  The Latin Rascals also
masterminded the Latin freestyle dance scene,
including work for TKA , Sa-Fire and The Cover
Girls...among others.   The Latin Rascals were
also artists for two albums released on Polydor

Afrika Bambatta "Frantic Situation" Tommy Boy Edit
Allez Allez "Boom Boom" Sounds of the Future Remix
Alisha "Stargazing" Vanguard Edit
Amoretto "Clave Rocks" PO Records Edit
Andre Cymone "Satisfaction" Columbia Records Edit
Animation "Let Him Go" Mercury Edit
Aretha Franklin "Freeway of Love" Arista Edit
Army of Lovers "Obsession" Giant Edit
Arthur Baker "Breaker's revenge" Atlantic Edit
Artists Against Apartheid "Sun City" Sony Edit
Arts & Kraft "Son" Sony Edit
B-52's "Girl From Ipanema goes to Greenland" Warner Brothers
Bananarama "Cruel Cruel Summer" Polydor Edit
Beat Box Boys "Yum Yum eat Em Up" Meno Vision Edit
Beastie Boys "Rock Hard" Profile Records Edit
Billiw Crystal "You Look Marvelous" A&M records Edit
Blow Monkeys "Digging Your Scene" A&M Edit
Bobby O "A Man Like Me" O records Remix
Brenda K. Starr "Picking up the Pieces" Mirage Edit
Brenda K. Starr "Suspicion" Mirage Records Edit
Brian Ferry "Kiss and Tell" Virgin records Edit
Brick "Dazz" Magic City Records Remix
Bruce Springsteen "Born in the U.S.A." Columbia Edit
Cash Flow "Mine All MIne" Mercury Records Remix
CashFlow "Party Freak" Mercury Records Remix
Chrissy Leece "You Should Know by Now" Atlantic Edit
Cindy Mizelle "This Could be the Night" Atlantic Edit
Con Funk Shun "She's a Star" Mercury Records  
Cover Girls "Because of You" Fever Records Remix
Cover Girls "Inside Out" Fever Records Producer
Cover Girls "Better Late than Never" Fever Records Production
Cover Girls "We Can't Go Wrong" Fever Records Production
Cover Girls "Once Upon a Time" Fever Records Producer
Cover Girls "Promise Me" Fever Records Producer
Cover Girls "Show Me" Fever Records Producer
Danny Elfman "Gratitude" MCA Edit
Danny Elfman "Wierd Science" MCA Records Edit
Darryl Hall "Dreamtime" Capitol Edit
David Bowie "Dancing with the Big..." Rycodisc Edit
Diana Ross "Swept Away" RCA Edit
Duran Duran "Notorious" Capitol Edit
Face to Face "Tell Me Why" Epic Edit
Face to Face "Under The Gun" Epic Edit
Fat Boys "It's Getting Hot" Polygram Producer
Fat Boys "Big and Beautiful" Sutra Records Remix
Fat Boys "Disorderly Conduct" Polygram Producer
Fat Boys "Louie Louie" Polygram Production
Fat Boys "Rock the House Y'all" Polygram Producer
Fat Boys "The Twist" Polygram Producer
Fat Boys "Wipe Out" Polygram Producer
Five Starr "If I Say Yes" Epic Edit
Force MD's "Forgive Me Girl"
Tommy Boy Mixing
Force MD's "Itching for a Scratch" Tommy Boy Mixing
Freeze "A.E.I.O.U." Streetwise Mixing
George Michael "Hard Day" Columbia Edit
Gianni Sirenna "Do Whatcha Wanna Do" Atlantic Records Remix
Giggles "He Said, She Said" Cutting Edit
Good & Plenty "Look of Love" Atlantic Edit
Grace Jones "I'm Not Perfect" EMi Records Edit
Hall and Oates "Out of Touch" RCA Edit
Hall and Oates "Dance on Your Knees" RCA Edit
Hall and Oates "Method of Modern Love" RCA Edit
Hall and Oates "Possession Obsession" RCA Edit
Information Society

"What's On Your Mind"

Tommy Boy Edit
Information Society "Running" Tommy Boy Edit
Janice Christie "I'm Hungry For Your Love" Supertronics Edit
Jennifer Holiday "Last Time for Love" Arista Edit
Jesse's Gang "Real Love" Trax Records remix
John Rocca "Once Upon A Time" Streetwise Records Edit
Junie Morrison "Evaluate Your Seats" Island Records Edit
Junie Morrison "Tease Me" Island Records Edit
Kaja Goo Goo "Too Shy Shy" EMI Edit
Kim Wilde "Go For It" MCA Edit
La Flavor "Mandolay" Seathru Mixing
Latin Rascals "Arabian Nights" Polygram Artist/Producer
Latin Rascals "When She Goes" Polygram Artist/Producer
Latin Rascals "Bach to the Future" Polygram Artist/Producer
Latin Rascal's "Lisa's Coming" Tommy Boy Production
Latin Rascal's "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" Polygram Records Production
Latin Rascal's "Beyond the Future" Sutra Records Production
Latin Rascal's "Macho Mozart" Polygram Records Production
Latin Rascal's "It Must Be You" Polygram Records Production
Latin Rascal's "Disorderlies" Polygram Records Production
Latin Rascal's "Axel F" Streetheat Remix
Laura Brainigan "Touch" Atlantic Records Remix
Level III "Groove Ya" EMI Edit
Level 42 "Something About You" RCA Edit
Lidell Townsell "Nu Nu" Mercury Edit
Love Patrol "Love Patrol' 4th and Broadway remix
Loud Sugar "Creamsicle" SBK Edit
Lydia Lee Love "Don't Take Your Love" NY Groove Records Remix
Madonna "Get into the Groove" Sire Edit
Madonna "True Blue" Sire Edit
Mantronix "Bass" Sleeping Bad Edit
Marc Anthony "He's A Rebel" Blue Moon Records Production
Nayobe "Please Don't Go" Fever Mixing
Nayobe "Second Chance for Love" Fever Remix
New Order "Bizzare Love Triangle" Quest Records Edit
Nina Hagen "Universal Radio" Columbia Edit
Nick Kamen "Each Time You Break My Heart" Sire Records Edit
Nocera "Let's Go" Sleeping Bag Edit
Noel "Like A Child" 4th & Broadway Edit
Nona Hendryx "If Looks Could Kill" RCA Edit
Nona Hendryx "I Need Love" RCA Records Edit
Nuance "Love Ride" 4th & Broadway Edit
Nuance "Stop Playing on Me" 4th & Broadway Edit
Oingo Boingo "Weird Science" MCA Edit
One More "Shot" Virgin Records Remix
Patris "Love Oasis" Evergency Records Remix
Paula Brian "Funky Sensation" Polygram Edit
Pet Shop Boys "Opportunity" EMI Edit
Peter Murphy "Final Solution" Beggars Baquet Remix
Peter Wolf "Oo Ee Diddly Bop" EMI Edit
Prince "Grand Slam" Paislypark Edit
Rap O Matic "Lies Lies" Profile Reocrds Edit
Rick Springfield "Celebrate Youth" RCA Edit
Robbie Nevil "C'est La Vie" EMI Edit
Robbie Nevil "Just Like You" EMI Edit
Robbie Nevil "For Your Mind" EMI Edit
Rochelle "My Magic Man" Warner Bors.
Rock Squad "Facts of Life" Tommy Boy Production
Rolling Stones "Too Much Blood" Columbia Edit
Run DMC "Rock Da House" Profile Mixing
Run DMC "King of Rock" Profile Remix
SaFire "Let Me Be the One" Cutting Mixing
SaFire "Love is on her Mind" Cutting Producer
SaFire "Boy I've Been Told" Cutting Edit
SaFire "One Day I'm Gonna..." Cutting Mixing
Skyy "Givin It To You" Capitol Records Edit
Space Monkey "One  More Shot" Virgin Records Edit
Teen Rock "Set Me Free" ZYX Music Remix
Tina B "Honey To A Bee" Criminal Records Edit
Tina B "Miracles Explode" Criminal Records Edit
T.K.A. "Maria" Tommy Boy Edit
T.K.A. "Give Your Love to Me" Tommy Boy Edit
T.K.A. "Come Get My Love" Tommy Boy Edit
T.K.A. "Don't Be Afraid" Tommy Boy Producer
T.K.A. "One Way Love" Tommy Boy Producer
T.K.A. "Tears May Fall" Tommy Boy Producer
Terrence Trent D'Arby "Do You Love Me" Epic Edit
The Cars "Hello Again" Electra Edit
The Cars "Hello Again" Electra Edit
Trilogy "Latin Lover" PKO records Edit
Trilogy "Gotta Be Free" PKO Records Edit
Warren Zevon "Leave My Monkey Alone" Virgin Records Edit
Word Of Mouth "King Kut" Profile Edit
Word of Mouth "Coast To Coast" Profile Edit
Vanessa Williams "Right Stuff" Polygram Records Edit
& More "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Me" Mic Mac Remix